Monday, February 7, 2011

Safety First- Properly Lifting Your Car or Truck

Every year home mechanics, and pro mechanics for that matter, are seriously injured or even killed in accidents while making repairs to their vehicles. Following a few simple safety rules will prevent these accidents and make your home repair projects more enjoyable.

Many repair projects require that you be under various parts of the vehicle. Properly lifting and securing the car or light truck will prevent injuries caused by floor jack failure.

Before lifting a wheel off the ground wheel chocks should be used to secure the vehicle. The wheel on the opposite side and opposite end of the car should be secured by wedging wheel chocks against the tire to prevent vehicle movement when the wheel is removed. If both wheels on one axle set are being removed then secure both wheels on the opposite axle set with the wheel chocks.

After raising the wheel off the ground slide a jack stand under the frame or sub-frame.Lower the vehicle onto the stand to support the
weight of the car before removing the wheel. This will prevent the vehicle from falling on you while you are under it.

Following this procedure will eliminate accidents and allow you to safely remove the wheel for repair.

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